Inversion Workshop

Join Ramsay on Sunday, Feb 1st from 11-1 to learn what it takes to get upside down in handstand, headstand and forearmstand. We'll look at modifications as well as advanced variations when appropriate.

3 NEW Classes!

Starting January 15, on Thursdays from 12-1pm "Stretch & Restore" with Ramsay. And Jane Cargill is back! Fridays from 5-6pm with "Flow" followed by 6-7pm "Stretch & Restore". Be the first to to try them out!

Natasha Rizopoulos

Wed. March 4th from 12-2pm, join Natasha for a special class "Align Your Flow: Yoga for the Rest of Your Life". We will build strong, flexible hips and core to keep your low back healthy and injury free.